A case for voting IDs


voting id

This text based jpeg appeared in my Facebook stream not to long ago. Its push for allowing absolutely no voting IDs is archaic at best.  We are not living in the 1960s (think Oprah’s attempted voting scene in “Selma.”_We are not living in the 1960s (think Oprah’s attempted voting scene in “Selma.”) It would be rare to find disenfranchised minorities because there would be a social media storm if there was even a hint of this. Instead minorities in many cases have many more opportunities than the majorities (think affirmative action based solely on skin color rather than individual merit).

But let me digress.  In 1997 I worked the voting prescient as a fresh-faced college student excited to see how democracy truly worked.  My observation?  Anyone can vote using anyone’s name simply by signing their signature on the registrar’s booklet.  No ID needed.  No verification process.  Just go in and vote.  Now who here doesn’t have a driver’s license?  No license?  Do you have an ID to make a large credit card purchase?  Buy a house?  Rent an apartment?  Open a bank account?  If you don’t have an ID, then the government should provide one for you for free.  Otherwise we’ve got a huge gap in security.  Anyone and I mean anyone can vote on behalf of someone else.  And who says in Chicago the dead don’t vote.

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