When politicians don’t use .gov email addresses

Lately the breaking news is that possible 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, used a personal email address (read not state.gov) while Secretary of State. Instead she used her own private email server setup by savvy IT personnel.
This likens back to the Sarah Palin email hack which the VP candidate’s Yahoo password was reset by a college student looking of publicly available personal details.

What is surprising about this is how often we hear about politicians, who should know better, using non .gov email address, rather personal email addresses, for official government business. With the Sarah Palin situation I think it was shear stupidity on her part to use a web based email account – obviously specifically setup when she became governor of Alaska – gov.palin@yahoo.com – which by definition is easy to hack.

With the Clinton fiasco, we see somewhat of a savvy IT personnel setting up an email server / domain registered to her New York home. I think it was a force of habit that she used her hdr22(at)clintonemail.com email address. Having too many email addresses to check is just confusing to those of the older generation. But you would think that Hillary would know better to use a state.gov email address. Besides if an overseas foreign leader / diplomat received an email from an clintonemail.com rather than a state.gov email address, they would probably cry foul and delete said email.

Never fear, Hillary wants the public to see her email. Really she does:

Meh. This whole email thing is just a reminder about how far the older generation is away from new technologies and procedures.

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