Superman and the Marlboro Man

It was during a re-showing of Superman II a few nights ago that it dawned on me how often Marlboro was used as a product placement during significant portions of the film.

I later found that Marlboro paid $43,000 (in 1980 dollars) for the product placement. Also Lois Lane is shown as a chain smoker. Now back then the movie producers didn’t seem to mind all that much that a cigarette company was sponsoring movie based on a childhood comic book character. Congress thought otherwise and put in an investigation on why big tobacco was sponsoring a childhood hero’s film.

This of course brings to mind how far the anti-tobacco movement has come since the days of Superman. Smoking is banned in restaurants and some bars. You rarely see a tobacco advertisement. While I am definitely not a fan of tobacco it raises an enigma in my own mind? Why is tobacco seen as a negative while marijuana is pushed heavily?

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