In the end WordPress wins

The year was 2005. I had recommended to my friend that Movable Type was one of the best content management systems out there. I install it and this website was born.
Yet over time I became a bit frustrated at Movable Type. I had it installed on a church website I maintain. There were over 2000 entries. Everytime I made a slight change to the template I would have to rebuild all 2000 html files which never really completed, leaving the website in a state of disarray.
Then came the nail in the coffin. Movable Type went pay only in 2013. Now for the super low charge of $999 you can have an unlimited pro account or .07/hour or $499 a year for AWS. Since I’m not into paying for software that once was (and still should be) free, I decided to look into other means.
Wordpress had been on my radar for quite a while, but I had no experience with it. I dove into it not knowing what to expect. After some road bumps on installation I found myself thoroughly pleased with the service. After redoing my whole website to make it match my template match my old Movable Type template, I later realized that the way to go was to pick a free theme and modify it accordingly.
I have come to realize that no one actually designs webpages anymore…rather they just download webpages in can and use accordingly.

I’ll continue to use WordPress until they go pay or something better (and free) comes along. Mark my words. Movable Type will die.

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